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A Day In The Life Of A Hotel Management Hospitality Professional There are many jobs that provide variety rather than the same old day after day, and hotel management hospitality is one of those jobs. While some of the day to day activities will be routine, others will vary based on the events taking place at the hotel and on the type of guests that the hotel management hospitality professional has to deal with. Below are some activities that a hotel management hospitality professional may handle on any given day.

Staffing Shortage Emergency
If there are not enough housekeepers to get all of the rooms clean in time for check in, that can pose a real dilemma for a hotel management hospitality...
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Colleges Hospitality Management: A Good Choice For Future Growth When deciding whether a colleges hospitality management program is a smart choice, there is a new study for potential students to consider. The study offers promising news to those now in or considering joining the hospitality industry and for colleges hospitality management programs.

Colleges hospitality programs suffered a bit in recent years when there were reports of the industry being in a slight to moderate decline. While the hospitality industry suffered along with the rest of the country, they actually fared better than some other types of businesses.

Still, colleges hospitality management programs had to deal with potential...
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Does New York Need More People With A Tourism And Hospitality Degree? A recent news story has reported that the number of visitors to New York is on the increase again, and set to reach record levels this year, which could be great news for graduates with a Tourism and Hospitality degree. They could now have even more opportunity to develop an exciting career in the travel industry, by applying the skills developed by their Tourism and Hospitality degree, in one of the world's biggest and most vibrant cities. While the numbers fell slightly in 2008, on the back of the global recession, the Big Apple is expecting nearly 50 million visitors this year; all of who will be looking to the city's...
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Ever Considered Recreation Courses? If you are currently choosing what you want to study at college or university, you might have already considered recreation courses, or maybe you don't know that much about them. With more and more Americans trying to find a better balance between work and leisure, the recreation industry is experiencing more demand than ever, which means businesses in this market need more, well-educated graduates from the growing number recreation courses that are being offered at schools and colleges around the country. Here's some more information to help you decide if a career in the leisure and recreation industry might be for you.

What kind of recreation courses...
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Exciting Opportunities Await Those Who Earn A Hospitality Online degree Earning a hospitality online degree may be the ideal education choice for students who wish to enter the exciting world of travel and tourism. Whether arranging accommodations for high-powered international business professionals or a local hotel for a family on vacation, earning a hospitality online degree can make you a key part of the burgeoning travel industry.

Even conservatively speaking, the hospitality industry is a multi-billion dollar business that often involves the management of different groups of workers – servers, porters, bartenders, housekeepers and kitchen staff. To successfully earn a hospitality online...
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Personality Effects on the Social Network Structure of Boundary-Spanning Personnel in the Tourism Industry

Tourism businesses participate in network relationships with others to obtain resources that are unavailable within. Due to the socially embedded nature of interorganizational relationships, the social networks of the boundary-spanning personnel in tourism businesses are believed to have a profound influence on the formation and structure of their networks at the organizational level. Understanding the boundary-spanning personnel’s social network, particularly in a professional context, may facilitate tourism businesses in their human resources strategies and further benefit their business network development and maintenance. Using the Big-Five personality construct, this study investigated the personality effects on the tourism boundary-spanning personnel’s social network diversity and tie strength in a professional setting. The study revealed the connections between different aspects of individuals’ social networks and their personality traits. The findings indicated that, with different business networking needs or being at different network development stages, tourism businesses may need to look for employees with different personalities to undertake the corresponding networking tasks.

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