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Colleges Hospitality Management: A Good Choice For Future Growth When deciding whether a colleges hospitality management program is a smart choice, there is a new study for potential students to consider. The study offers promising news to those now in or considering joining the hospitality industry and for colleges hospitality management programs.

Colleges hospitality programs suffered a bit in recent years when there were reports of the industry being in a slight to moderate decline. While the hospitality industry suffered along with the rest of the country, they actually fared better than some other types of businesses.

Still, colleges hospitality management programs had to deal with potential students who worried that a degree in this field might prove useless should the economy continue...
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Measurement Equivalence of an Instrument Measuring Motivation to Consume Local Food: A Cross-Cultural Examination Across British And Korean

The purposes of this study were to examine the measurement equivalency of motivation to consume local food between British and Korean groups, and to extend the use of the multiple-group technique of measurement equivalence analysis by demonstrating formal tests that identify whether a measurement instrument shows similar relations among groups. Although multigroup confirmatory factor analyses revealed that measurement equivalence was fully equivalent among groups, this study proved metric and scalar invariance, and partial error invariance was equivalent. The results revealed that the observed variables and their underlying constructs were equivalent among groups. Implications and application of the study findings are discussed.

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